Vishal Kachave


Vishal Kachave

Vishal began his career as an Application Developer with Fujitsu in year 2019. He has proficient experience in designing, developing and delivering user-centric applications using Angular and React JS. He belongs to Centre for Emerging Technologies team, focusing on GraphQL API. He is graduated from Sant Gadge Baba Amaravati University.

Title: Is having an efficient API strategy, an answer for a successful Application Transformation?

Application Transformation, a widely used term while planning cloud transitions in any organization. Some of the COTS application software vendors are still not having properly designed cloud native applications that are compatible with multitenant cloud environments. On the other hand, some of the vendors in global market are gaining a great momentum by designing cloud native applications. While there are immense characteristics to be considered here for every application while transitioning to cloud, having an efficient API strategy contributes to major success in journey of Application Transformation with great security.

To understand in detail, let’s suppose there is a vendor XYZ, who had designed and developed a cloud native application without a proper API strategy. Out of several application features, we will see about one important feature, data sharing from on-premise server to application server hosted on cloud environment.
Having a good secured network strategy implemented, secured ports were enabled either for FTP or SMB for communication through multiple VPN. Another option is to use a free software FTP client like cURL. Yes, it was highly secured for a while ago but not now.

The two main security breaches that came to limelight in recent days:
1. NAT Slipstreaming
2. cURL TLS 1.3 bug vulnerability
(Technicalities in above 2 cases will be discussed in detail)
The above 2 security breaches will prone to major security threat for entire organization network topology, which will result in severe network anomalies.
Let’s see another vendor who is a global leader and having a proper and efficient API strategy for cloud transformation. Qlik, who is a leader in Gartner 2021, Magic quadrant for Analytics and Business intelligence platforms, 11th time in a row. This leader, who has a great API strategy for their cloud transformation, has done wonders in the market recently. Specifically, for the above case that was discussed about data sharing across on-premise and cloud hosted servers, Qlik has a unique strategy, in looking at it in a different dimension.
1. Qlik DataTransfer—A lightweight windows tool to share data to SaaS editions of Qlik Sense
2. QRS API – An API to connect and share with Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows instances.
(Technicalities in above 2 cases will be discussed in detail)

In this case, there is no compromise on any security features. Qlik APIs are very user friendly with well documented and shared literacy across.

With the rapid advancement of businesses in digital space which has been accelerated by recent pandemic globally, organizations security has been become number1 priority. Network security and Data security are crucial to protect organizations IT infrastructure from several types of cyber threats.

In Complex network interdependencies, which is central to run IT organizations, Application Transformation is a challenge. Extensive data flow mappings or data sharing’s on large scale accounts, having an efficient API strategy is always a challenge. Definitely, having an efficient API strategy, an answer for a successful Application Transformation.

This session is relevant to those interested in Cyber Security, Business Intelligence API’s.

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