Rajesh Gaddipati


Rajesh Gaddipati

Rajesh began his career as a Business Intelligence Analyst in 2010 and then progressed in building complex and high-volume data warehouse for Analytics. Currently working as a Senior Application developer in Fujitsu and belongs to Digital Transformation team, where he is leading Graph Analytics stack. He has proficient experience in BI tools like IBM Cognos, Qlik, Tableau, Alteryx, Talend, MSBI, Performance Testing and Engineering, and is a Neo4j Certified Professional. He holds dual master’s degrees in Environmental Science and History.

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Title: The role of GraphQL API with emerging technologies

With the rapid advancement of businesses in digital space, many organizations use graph analysis for everything from supply chain optimization to recommendation engines to knowledge graphs. As per Gartner Analytics Trends-2021, Graph Analytics emerged to be in Top10 Analytics Trends rated. With Neo4j, a leader in Graph database technology, issues related to interrelated or complex correlated data can be analysed in more detail for purpose of analytics. With a steady growth in Graph Analytics, the role of GraphQL API’s are going to play a key role with emerging technologies like 5G. With Neo4j GraphQL library, which was a latest release from a leader in graph databases category, this is going be a great platform where ideas can turn into reality.

In this session, we will cover:
1. Introduction to Graph Databases and GraphQL API’s.
2. Designing GraphQL Schema using Neo4j database and with latest release of Neo4j GraphQL library.
3. Role of GraphQL API in emerging technologies like 5G

This presentation is relevant to those interested in
Graph Databases
GraphQL API’s

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