Raghav Pal


Raghav Pal

Raghav is a teacher and founder of AutomationStepByStep.com

He was an Automation Architect and has led multiple teams of Automation and DevOps Engineers. For over a decade, Raghav witnessed, worked and delivered multiple Automation Testing Projects and worked with some awesome people in this industry.

After leading & working intensively on multiple projects, he realized a need to share and hand-over his knowledge to everyone who needs it and anyone who wants to learn Automation and DevOps in a very basic, simple, step-by-step manner. He started teaching and soon realized this is his passion.

He then dedicated his life to the mission of education.

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Interactive Session Details

Title: Web Services Architecture for Beginners | SOAP and REST

In this session, we will understand the basic client server model of API Web Services and how do the APIs talk to each other to facilitate communication over the web. We will discuss the SOAP and REST model of web services and its design principles. This session will provide the foundation knowledge on the design and working of APIs

The presentation will include ppt, online whiteboard & demo.

This session would be relevant for Testers.

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