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Nithin S.S

Nithin is the founder of Synapse QA, a co-writing space of test automation professionals and software quality advocates. He has nearly a decade of experience in the IT field with a focus on test automation delivery of web & mobile-based applications. Nithin actively runs test automation workshops, helps other professionals share their writings in the Synapse QA community, and works as QA Lead at Fave. He enjoys sharing his learnings and experiences through creative writing and loved to be known as a storyteller.

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Title: What to know before you start dating with APIs!

As you all know API is essentially the “middle man” of the layers and systems within an application or software. And nowadays, API testing and API automation have gained significant importance. But when it comes to testing there are a lot of pitfalls where we tend to fall. Some may be because of a lack of proper foundation, lack of proper strategies, or maybe approaching it in the wrong way. In order to date and fall in love with API testing, there should be some basic level of understanding expected from each of us.

So when it is about to kick start API testing journey, ask yourself “have you ever dated with APIs as a tester?”

Dating APIs?? The same approach of dating can be applied for whatever things we learn and what I mean here is, how actively you test APIs and is your initial relation giving enough confidence to move towards a long-running one.

A date is all about getting to know each other, preparations you do to impress and perform well during the date, some strategies that help to maintain the date/relationship, approaches and techniques which may help you to be stand out. And last but not least to find the solution for the question, will it work in terms of a long relationship?

In this talk, I will be sharing about laying a solid foundation for you to kick start API testing journey in co-relation with dating, some insights about concepts, refresh the learnings you already have, and basically how I dated APIs and fell in love with it.

This talk will be a collection of byte-sized information based on my learnings and experience with APIs. There are moments we fell in love, we break up and where we faced challenges and overcame those.

Key Takeaways:
– Get to know the basics of APIs, Requests, Responses.
– Tips to kick start your API testing journey as a beginner.
– Few insights on the security testing aspects of APIs.
– Ideas, approaches & strategies to create and maintain a robust automated API testing infrastructure.
– Role of API in continuous testing.

This session would be relevant for those who are starting their career in API testing, who wants to know basic concepts of APIs, Responses, Requests, API automation and for middle-level QA Engineers who are looking to enhance their skills by exploring more about API testing scope and proper strategies. Also, for a few who are keen to explore its importance on continuous testing.

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