Parveen Khan


Parveen Khan

Parveen is a senior test analyst consultant at Thoughtworks. Being a quality advocate, she believes delivering high-quality products is everyone’s responsibility. She loves collaborating with teams and optimizing processes, tools, and methodologies to enable the creation of high-quality products. She is also an international speaker sharing her stories and experiences in testing to inspire other people around the globe. In her spare time, she plays the role of wonder woman for her two lovely kids.

You can connect with her on twitter – @Parveen_Khan10 and read her stories at

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Title: Let’s shift left and right in the microservices world!

In the current era, organizations are building applications with more complex architectures such as – blockchain, distributed systems, and microservices. The job of maintaining these systems and ensuring it is working as expected has become a challenging task. Gone are the days where testers have to rely on the UI’s to validate an application. Now it is all about what happens underneath the hood and how far you shift testing. I worked on a team where we followed DevOps and started testing as early as possible by shifting left. But that wasn’t enough in terms of the quality of the product or keeping our users happy. That’s where we changed our process and started taking smaller steps into shifting right.

Join this session, where I discuss my journey with shift left and shift right approach. I will share how using this approach has been helpful to our team. Attendees who attend my session will learn tips, tricks and tools to adopt this approach.

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