Arun Narayanaswamy


Arun Narayanaswamy

Arun is a Cloud and DevOps evangelist, currently in the role of Director Engineering at Amadeus Labs, helping the company transform development processes and bringing in cultural changes for Agile, Cloud, OpenSource and DevOps adoption. He has spoken in various large conferences and organised multiple technology meetups.

Arun began his career with Infosys in a Banking product group, before taking on engineering and project management roles at retail giants, WalMart and Tesco. Armed with 14 years of experience, he is as comfortable talking technology with a developer, as he is in managing stakeholder & leadership expectations at large enterprises. His expertise spans across multiple functions of software development in the retail and banking domains.

He hails from Bangalore where he has lived and worked most so far. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree, and is an Alumni of INSEAD school of Business – France.

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Title: The power of AI ML APIs and its impact on Quality assurance group

AI/ML has been fostering the Digital transformation. On the other side, Testing has been evolving from past two decades, starting from Manual testing, Automation, Agile testing, Scaled Agile testing and now the future is AI/ML with API testing. This involved the transformation that QA/testing community went through.

Talk covers demystifying Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning APIs, business problems addressed with AI/ML APIs. The changes that these technologies like AI/ML APIs are bringing to software testing. Is the advent of AI & ML an opportunity or threat to the QA community? Mindset & Skill set changes required by QA fraternity to adapt to the changes. Will demonstrate with a case study of chatbot built for travel industry serving customer service agents from Travel agencies and Airlines. Chatbot is built on AI/ML APIs. We will discuss on journey how the bot was built and tested; performance testing was done for the bots, challenges that we faced during the journey and how we overcame and ending with key takeaways

This presentation would be relevant for:
All the audience who are looking to understand better AI/ML, and to leverage power of APIs

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