Pradeep Kumar Choudhary


Pradeep Kumar Choudhary

Pradeep is a seasoned software technology Architect, with a proven record in the BFSI space with global landscape. He holds experience in designing and implementing solutions on Java-EE and Messaging Platforms. He has worked with multiple clients in their transformation journey from legacy to micro-services architecture, enabling scalability and high availability.

He is passionate about teaching and enjoys finding simplified solutions to complex business problems. More recently, he was involved in leveraging the AI ML based models to fill the gaps in traditional solutions.

Title: Building AI Bots for API Testing – Limitations and Possibilities

Most of the existing API testing tools and approaches require writing tests manually or instrumenting the system under test (SUT) to generate the automation scripts.
APIs can be modelled using standards IDL like Open-API Specification and SWAGGER, but for automatically generating the test cases, the information available in these API-Model only is not sufficient, we face limitations in the context of comprehensive coverage when using tools for automated API test generations.

How can we take the web API testing to next level of end-to-end test automation? My talk will focus on Autonomous API Testing, and the recent research published around leveraging AI into it. AI based approaches requires large volume of tests to detect the patterns.

We will explore the approach to develop Intelligent-Bots which can generate thousands of test inputs. We will see how we can leverage ML models to learn the request-response patterns.

By the end of the session, you will have pointers around the design thoughts for implementing volume driven intelligent API test Automation.

This session would be relevant for Automation Testers, Developers, Architects and Engineering Managers.

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